Bob runs the Explorer Group called the Warriors with the support of assistant leaders and adult helpers . The Warriors meet on a Wednesday Evening: they start at 19:00 and finish at 21:00.


The Explorers are the older section at the 4th before leaders. Explorers partake in a vast amount of adventurous activies, such as aviation, climbing, sailing, abseiling, caving, shooting, public relations, advanced and applied survival skills and other extreme Scouting skills. The unit was formed over a year ago and stands as a district troop; however, it is heavily involved with the 4th and is based there. Members of all younger sections look towards the Explorers for Scouting motivation, advice and knowledge, as the unit strives to improve the well roundedness of their Explorers.

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28.06 | 13:11

Had a great Cub Camp here a couple of weeks ago. Facilities good although outdoor space needs a bit of a tidy. Excellent location for sea front activities.

11.09 | 18:34

We had a great stay in August, finding the facilities to be of a good standard and well priced. However, it'd've been useful to have a list of kitchen ware.

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