Uniform Information for each section

When a young person first wishes to join a free trial period is offered for around four weeks. If after that time they would like to become a full member they will then be invited to become invested. This is where the Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer will say their Promise, and at the same time they will receive a Group Scarf and membership badges for their uniform. 

Each section has its own uniform and the uniform  will need to be purchased for their investiture. We strongly recommend parents use Wothing District Scout Shop in Durrington as this is an official Scout Shop charging lower prices than can be bought locally. If you do use Worthing Scout Shop please say you are from the 4th Littlehampton as we receive a finacial donation from purchases made. 

Link to Worthing Scout Shop



Once invested each section works towards earning activity and challenge badges, these badges link through all sections of Scouting becoming harder to earn as children get older. Below are the links to where each of the section badges should be worn on uniform. 








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23.11 | 13:56

Hello Mr Blair. (Grizzly) how's it going up North. I'm a old member of the Spartans, There isn't enough room to explain you can contact me on glenhoward@sky.com

05.11 | 00:56

What happened to the 4th Spartans????????

28.06 | 13:11

Had a great Cub Camp here a couple of weeks ago. Facilities good although outdoor space needs a bit of a tidy. Excellent location for sea front activities.

11.09 | 18:34

We had a great stay in August, finding the facilities to be of a good standard and well priced. However, it'd've been useful to have a list of kitchen ware.