Activity Consent Form

Improtant Activity Information - Consent Forms

When any activity which is termed adventerous (eg Climbing, Shooting) is under taken by a person under 18 years of age, the parent or guardian must complete an activity consent from. Without this consent form the leaders will not be permitted to allow the young person to take part. 


Please print off a copy of the form below and when completed please hand to the leader in charge, the form covers specific activities for a whole term, if you do not wish your child to undertake an activity during this time please let the Section Leader know ASAP. 


Activity Information and Parental Permission Form – Shooting 
Written parental permission is needed before a young person can take part in this activity
Upper section to be completed by Leader.
Lower section to be filled in by parent or guardian and returned to Leader.

Name of Unit or Section: BEAVERS - CUBS - SCOUTS - EXPLORERS (circle section

Activity Information: 
Air rifle shooting 

Date or period Spring Term Commencing 1.1.13

Administrative Information:
Start Time ________________________ Finish Time _______________
Place: 4th Littlehampton Scout Group HQ BN17 9BHAdditional information

Information on shooting dates will be updated on the programme pages 
Emergency contact telephone No._____________________________________________________

Leader: ________________________ Contact details: 

If any additional information is required please do not hesitate to contact the Leader of the activity.
Parent or Guardian's consent
I, being the parent/guardian of the person named below, declare that he/she is not subject to
restriction by virtue of Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 (which applies only to persons who have
served a term of imprisonment or youth custody) and give permission for:

______________________________________________(name of young person)

To take part in Air Rifle Target Shooting 

Please state if he/she has a disability or medical condition relevant to this activity:

Please indicate details of any medical treatment they are receiving at the moment:

Contact details in the event of an emergency:


Tel: ___________________________


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